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        Planting Bag

        Product description:

        Planting bag is a new type of geosynthetics, has the high strength plane stability. Mainly used in building soft vegetation slope, ecological green bag, it is barren hills, mine repair, highway slope greening, river regulation in one of the important construction methods.
        Planting bag is soft ecological slope engineering system an important part of plants are very friendly, make plants grow through the bag body free. The root system into the engineering foundation soil, such as the root of bolt finished bag body and intersubjective refasten effect, the longer, the more firm, further realize the stability of the slope to build permanent purpose, and greatly reduce the maintenance cost.
        Should water traffic engineering:
        The ecological riparian, reservoir fluctuation band complex green, wetland project, lake coast engineering, highway subgrade slope, slope protection, bridge culvert import and export "horoscope" wall.
        Pieces of municipal landscape engineering:
        Mountain complex green, mountain slope, retaining wall engineering, the city center ecological bank, park lake shore, landfills, golf courses, etc.
        Pieces of real estate landscape engineering:
        Artificial landscape river, residential slope, gardening landscape wall, hydrophilic retaining wall, roof greening etc.
        Should the other project:

        Slope collapse emergency treatment, desert afforestation, nature reserve, flood control wall, ecological vertical wall, have hardware structure of ecological complex green, etc
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